You Chose Your Challenges. And You Chose Right.

sunset on the beach

This is a guest post from the lovely Alex Franzen who happens to be a crazy-great internet-famous copy writing super nova.  She also has fantastic hair and an unerring appreciation for all things awesome.  Drop her a line if you’re in the market for minty-fresh copywriting, promotional brainstorming, service re-packaging or digital story-shaping There’s a […]

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Let’s Talk About: The WHY Behind Her WHAT


On Monday, I shared my manifesto (four letter words! bio-psychological responses! tangible truths!) Today, I asked some of my favorite entrepreneurial ladies what makes them tick. I hope you’re ready for a heaping helping of inspiration. Alexandra Franzen:  Promotional Wordsmith and Pro-active Pimp I am: A neon-green VOLTAIC avenger. Strumpet nerd. Disco monk. A lovable […]

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