Dear D: My Boyfriend and I Broke Up + I Don’t Know Why


Dear D, I was just dumped really unexpectedly by my boyfriend of 9 months.  Our relationship was fun and sexy and totally on track to go somewhere. I had no idea that anything was wrong, but a few nights ago he announced that he’d been feeling “emotionally dull” and that “this just wasn’t what he […]

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How To Breakup With Him (without the guilt or energy drain)


So you’re over him, huh? Ka-put. Finito. An impending breakup is encroaching on the outskirts of your thoughts.  Your intuition is telling you—it’s time. The single most important thing you need to know:  You have permission to go. The truth of it?  Breakups are hard. Heartbreak is part of the the human experience of loving […]

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