How to Break Bad Habits by Creating Meaningful Rituals

table with phone and coffee mug

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a vicious cycle? You say you’re ready for love, but you’re only attracted to emotionally unavailable men. You want a better work-life balance, but you insist you need to work longer hours to advance your career. You want to have a healthier relationship to your body, […]

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6 Ways To Mindfully Stop Anxiety [+ Infographic & Guided Meditation]

stop anxiety meditation

Life is full and it moves fast. No matter who you are, I’d venture to guess that statement is true for you. Sometimes that fast-paced fullness can feel exhilarating — even fun! — but on a consistent basis, it feels more like stress. And that stress can cause some pretty intense and challenging emotions like […]

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The Surprising Key To Feeling Confident is Simpler Than You Think

The key to feeling confident

There are days where I wake up feeling negative, overwhelmed, disappointed. Days where I am convinced that I have fallen short, am less than, not good enough—almost immediately upon opening my eyes! It’s not that I don’t have anything to be grateful for, and it’s not that I don’t know how blessed I am. It’s […]

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Loving Yourself + Your Body and Getting The Sex Life You Deserve

Love Yourself

Sally McGraw is a Minneapolis-based freelance writer, blogger, and communications professional.  Her blog Already Pretty helps women recognize their beauty, one post at a time.  You can befriend her on Facebook and Twitter. Have negative body image issues ever affected your relationship with your romantic partner? I have grappled with bedroom-specific body hang-ups for ages. They’ve […]

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