I Don’t Have a Problem. I Have a Choice.

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Welcome back to yet another Dazzle of the Day! Today, we’re talking about the somewhat touchy topic of problems and problem solving. Have you ever thought of problems as a controversial topic? Indeed, they are! For although we desire to be “problem free,” people take great pride in being a “good problem solver.” Oh my, […]

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How to Easily Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Man

how to spot an emotionally unavailable man

Most women know better than to try and connect with an emotionally unavailable man—the problem is that we’re not always as adept at reading the signs when we see them (or rather, admitting that the signs are there). That’s what I want to help you work on today. Because if you’re reading here, I’m sure […]

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Attract Your Soulmate Now (Not 10 Years From Now)

Soul Mates Anniversary Card

My husband and cherished soulmate, Jose, and I are celebrating our three year wedding anniversary! THREE YEARS! (Take a peek at the card he gave to me…my heart just melted!) I can hardly believe how quickly these three years have passed, or comprehend how grateful I am to have spent them with such an incredible […]

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5 Secrets For Finding More Genuine Love

More genuine love

Love. It’s the one thing we’re all seeking. From the youngest to the oldest among us, we’re all looking to love and be loved—and often making the process a lot harder than it needs to be. Unlike what you might read on the cover of the latest women’s magazine, finding love doesn’t necessarily require joining […]

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10 Tips To Help Your Relationship Thrive

Great relationships don’t happen by accident. Just like that sweet little vegetable patch in your backyard, the more you nurture and nourish your relationship the happier you’ll both be. And what does that look like? Quality nourishment requires pausing, listening, and paying attention to your partner. It requires that you learn to love people in […]

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Why Do Relationships Hurt? (How to Hurt Less + Love More)


Being one half of a couple can be wonderful, inspiring, heart-poundingly lovely. Romance! Compliments! Someone to share inside jokes with while giggling into your cocktail! Being single can be thrilling, invigorating, heart-poundingly lovely. Flirting with charming strangers! First kisses! Going wherever you want, whenever you want! While single-ing and partnering both have their merits, like […]

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Soulmates + “The One”

We all want a soulmate. “The One.” Your perfect partner who can read your mind + finish your sentences. We want fate + fireworks. But believing in predetermined destiny is limiting. It leaves little room for adventure + what life may want to give you. What if The One isn’t who you thought they would […]

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On having more sex, renouncing the past + wild synchronicity

Having more sex

If you were to look up ‘synchronicity’ in the dictionary you’d see:“the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner” I say: synchronicity means embracing contradictions. Interested in a life of elated coming-together-ness.  Snapping […]

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