How to Truly Embody “Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination” (Video)

practice worth perfecting life is a journey not a destination

You are the creator of your reality, and should you choose, you can be the deliberate creator of your reality. You can design and manifest your wildest dreams and desires with easy grace and efficiency. And yet, this is not a role most are accustomed to, is it? For most of us spend our days being motivated by conditional constraints […]

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Permission Granted (+ why ‘awesome’ is easy)

picnic laid out on the grass

You didn’t sign up for average in this lifetime, you signed up for awesome. Awesome= 360 degrees of pure intensity, integrity, courage + powah. Awesome=everything you ever wanted. How do you get it?  You give yourself permission to it. Sounds easy enough. Yet so many of us struggle with the concept, acceptance + manifistation of awesome. But WHY? Somewhere deep in […]

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