Yes, you know what to do (+ taking your power back)

Take your power back

You know:
what to say + why to say it;
he won’t change his mind;
she gave the best she could–so stop expecting more;
you have a choice and are not, in fact, “stuck.”

You are not confused & know exactly what to do.

You know you’ve been telling yourself + the world half lies.
It’s time to choose differently.
You know how you feel even when you deny you do.

But knowing is a bit scary. Yes?

It would mean reconfiguration.
It means you would have to change.

Uncomfortable for sure.
And maybe you’re not quite ready.

Fortunately, your readiness doesn’t matter.
Life and change happen on their own time frame.
You can fight it or go with it.

The choice is always yours.

What keeps us stuck in life is our fear of learning more about our reality & then having to act on what we now know.

Yet, imagine how our evolution would suffer if
it was determined by our own readiness to change?

Regardless of your preparedness, that “knowing voice” will ring loud + clear.
(Ever notice that the days you are most uncomfortable are the days you grow the most?)

You know that despite any errors or disappointments you are far from done.
And this makes, “I don’t know,” gratuitous. Try practicing this empowering mantra instead: “I trust myself to figure it out.”

Be courageous enough to know.

Because you do.


Photo by Terriell Scrimager on Unsplash


  1. This is just what I needed!! Just graduated, and now trying to figure out what next… Quite a scary prospect, but I just have to trust that I know how to figure it out 🙂

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