The Team



Sarah Von Bargen helps people + businesses become awesome on the internet. How? Through traffic-driving editorial calendars, step-by-step plans, and customized, targeted suggestions. She learned all this by writing five days a week on her own blog, Yes and Yes, which is read by 11,000+ people (and her mom).



Rebecca Pollock is a graphic designer who helps creative people show the best sides of themselves. She loves building brands from the ground up, starting with a logo, and going all the way to websites, packaging, ebooks and more. She’s a good listener, and she’s obsessive about the right kinds of details. When she’s not hunched over her desk, she can be found riding her bike, cooking meals from scratch and clinking glasses with friends and family.


Virtual Assistant

Danielle Zeigler is a content marketer for wellness-minded entrepreneurs. She’s an IIN certified holistic health coach with a background in digital marketing. By blending these passions she helps entrepreneurs grow their business, enhance their online presence and in turn, change more lives. She does this through search engine optimization, social media management + creating cohesive branding strategies.


Photographer & Videographer

Caroline White is a portrait and lifestyle photographer/videographer specializing in capturing both the inner and outer beauty of women entrepreneurs.  Based in Los Angeles, Caroline travels often to New York City, Chicago, and occasionally Europe.  She is  probably best known for photographing Marie Forleo, NPR’s Kai Ryssdal, and covers for Inspired Coach Magazine and Arabian Business Magazine.