The Team



Rebecca Pollock is a graphic designer who helps creative people show the best sides of themselves. She loves building brands from the ground up, starting with a logo, and going all the way to websites, packaging, ebooks and more. She’s a good listener, and she’s obsessive about the right kinds of details. When she’s not hunched over her desk, she can be found riding her bike, cooking meals from scratch and clinking glasses with friends and family.


SEO + Digital Strategist

Danielle Zeigler is an SEO + digital marketing strategist for creatives + entrepreneurs. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs get found, grow traffic and gain ideal clients easily + authentically online.

Jenna Arak


Jenna Arak is a professional copywriter, freelance writer, and storytelling teacher with over a decade of experience in public relations, digital marketing, and content marketing. Her mission is to encourage women to build upon their strengths, encourage deeper connections, and bring innovative ideas into the world through storytelling. She has worked with clients such as Mattel and Westfield; and her writing has been featured in Salon, Thought Catalog, The Everygirl, The Muse, Darling Magazine, and more.

Lindsay Rosenberg


Seven years ago Lindsay started Lindsay Rosenberg Photography and proudly shoots the majority of dancers in the TV and Film industry and continues working in sports entertainment shooting Dancers and Cheerleaders in the NFL and NBA.