The Weekend Hot List

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Think body types are bogus?  My girl Nicole thinks so, too.

Can Wall Street-types benefit from yoga?  You bet!  In fact, Fern is actually offering a yoga class on Wall Street.

I loved this podcast about the fact that faith + perseverance = victory.

Cutecutecute.  Life insights from one wise 6-year-old.

Want to design your life?  I thought so.  You might want to read this.
An excellent place to start when you’re considering the goals you want to pursue is taking some time to consider whether or not the goal that comes to mind is really YOUR own goal. (Do you really want to take golf lessons with the neighbor?)
It’s easy to give credence to goals you feel you should make, even though these may not be the REAL things which motivate you. Well meaning parents, friends, family and employers might have ideas or even suggestions about goals you could pursue.

You know you need to tweet about your blog posts/business/products.  Here are five ideas for interesting, I-actually-want-to-click-that tweets.

An important reminder about where to point your  blame + criticism.

From around the internet:

So sweet!  The world’s oldest yoga teacher turned 95 last month and she’s an inspiration to us all!

I loved this photo series of strangers touching.

A beautiful post about the reality of marriage.
We looked around at the pieces of our life together so far, the noisy apartment by the railroad tracks, the stacks of books and papers, the eighty hour work weeks, the anxiety and stress headaches. We knew it wasn’t what we wanted for our precious child and we dreamed bigger.
Envisioning a garden, a sandbox, a home, we bought a beautiful old yellow house and settled in. We brought home a beautiful, perfect child and hoped to give him the peaceful start he deserved. We didn’t realize how much work we had to do.

We could all learn a little something from these kids’ to-do lists.

I loved the tour of this gorgeous Philly loft!

How much would you pay for a professional matchmaker?  What if you knew it would work?
“Why not?” I decided, my patience at being single fraying by the day. Yep, I’d pay to play, although the fee was now an astounding $6,000 for the first year (but included “an unlimited number of introductions”). As Dale explained in the smoothest of sales pitches, “You pay an attorney to take care of legal issues, an accountant for financial ones. Why not a professional for the most important element in your life — your love life?”

Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show looks amazing!

I loved Alex’s thoughts on two different ways to open an egg.

Here’s to gorgeous weekend reading!

Make good stuff happen….XO