The Manifesto of Moi + (you and moi)

epic together

I am driven by a cause. A purpose. A belief.

I believe in raw truth.  My truth. Your truth.

I believe an authentically powerful life + meaningful romance
is the result of integrity training + honoring your rightness.

I believe this kind of authenticity will raise your frequency level + the universe will have no choice but to meet you there.

I KNOW that living an authentic life takes gusto.

I believe you have just that.

If you are the kind of person who is:

comfortable with perseverance + drive
ready to release the past + set the present ablaze
done compromising on soulful companionship, meaningful sex + dating
craving to kick down walls, bypass limitations + play bigger

believes everything in life happens for a reason….

Then we will be epic.


I know what it means to start from nothing and I know what it means to have a full roster of clients count on me. Monthly. Weekly. Daily.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry in red-hot NYC;  I dominated the athletic industry on two coasts; I’ve managed + driven 20 million dollars in sales revenue; I’ve collected unemployment, I went back to graduate school, I wrote a book on love’s biological underpinnings.  I work hard + I’m far from done.

I believe in tough love and that four letter words can be totally appropriate.

I’m on a quest to understand what’s romantically possible between the modern day man and woman.

I believe action trumps thought.  Because hope is not a plan.


The goal is not to work with everyone who needs what I have to offer.  The goal is to work with the women who believe what I believe.   If that is you–this is a crisp call to action.

The notion?

To rile you up inside.  And yup, it’ll be uncomfortable.

We’ll dust off rusty assumptions + patterns. Challenge preconceived notions of love.  The love you have for yourself + the romantic love you share with others.

And then?

Calm you down with soulful wisdom, clarity of integrity + an education on
loves bio-psychological impact.

The entire focus is on you.

I’ll give it to you straight while encouraging you to make decisions
+ envision future possibilities.

We will bring your truth into being.  Make it tangible.
+ then it will belong to you.

Are you ready to live in this place?



I’m a Los Angeles based relationship + life coach. I offer a sharp combination of keen insight, know-how + intuition.   Want more life + dating advice?   Jump on my newsletter.    Interested in laser focused one-on-one treatment?   Hire me.  You won’t regret it.

© 2011 Danielle Dowling