Sincere Decision Making (+ liberation galore)

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Becoming more you is The Whole Point.
Of life.

The soul-journey engendered by this one cause is your purpose.

Removing the obstacles that block the view to your true nature is the life work we have been tasked with.

Your origins are love.
Your origins are seeded in supreme importance + worthiness.

Yet, we forget this.

As we grow, personal boundaries are obliterated by unanticipated cruelty.
We begin to feel unsafe in the world.
Our essential selves feel “unapproved of.”

In defense, we erect a fear-based belief system that forces us into hiding.
Cloaking our true nature from others.
Worse still, from ourselves.

One foot in front of the other + heavy hearted
we lose sight of
our preferences
our needs
our passions.

We banish them to the fringes of our psyche,
afraid that if we embrace them we will fall out of the world’s good graces.

We find ourselves:
:: Saying yes when we want to say no because acceptance becomes paramount.
:: Spending money we don’t have on clothes + luxury items that make us feel important – enough.
:: Tolerating conditions in our romantic relationships that crush our soul
+ keep us out of integrity all in the name of being loved.

The good news?

“Love never disappears, it is only unrecognized.”  ~A Course in Miracles

Your birthright is eternal safety + importance.
Below all the blockages to love’s awareness is your peace of mind.
Below all the hurt.  The disappointment.  The betrayals.

And you get to come back to this knowing whenever you want.

Ask yourself these freedom fighting questions + take one generous leap forward into authenticity + sincerity of heart: 

Does this make me feel more like me?
Is this moving me forward?
Does this feel contracting or expansive?

With fear + vulnerability at your back you choose personal expansion regardless of who you may be disappointing, because you understand that the only person you need not disappoint is yourself.

You choose to foster your ever-expanding sense of self + realization.
You choose to exert your preferences + core needs even though someone somewhere taught you it was unsafe to do so.
You choose to place your fear of vulnerability aside because you understand that you are guided.

The world does not need your defenses.
We need your love + strength of heart.

We need your integrity because when you seek your freedom, you help to liberate
all of our potential to accomplish magnificent feats.

Harness liberation;
Choose you + we will choose you back.





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Photo by ASHLEY EDWARDS on Unsplash