Focus on the “Some” & the Rest Will Come!

Quote "focus on the "some" and the rest will come"

Welcome back to another installment of the Dazzle of the Day Series!

“Dazzles” do keep us high vibing. And as we high vibe, so to speak, we automatically and with great ease become a vibrational match to all the heart desires. Do you know of the importance of becoming a vibrational match to one’s dreams? Oh, it is of such significance! And often overlooked as miniscule compared to the application of logic in the manifestation of one’s dream life. Yet, I promise you, friend that “massive action” is trivial in comparison to the alignment with the flow of well being and therefore, all you yearn for and decidedly more.

Translation: Nothing is more important than feeling good (you will hear me say this often!) For as you feel good, your vibration rises, making you a match to anything you want. “Alright-alright, you say, I understand, nothing is more important than feeling good, but I am where I am, Danielle! I’m here, and I want to be over there! Where’s the magic carpet ride to all I dream, already?” To which I would reply: You are in the perfect place to get there from here if only you: A. Remind yourself that where you are is OK. ie: “I am where I am, and that’s OK!” B. Intentionally focus on WHAT IS going well and good here in the now.

Enter, today’s dazzle of the day…..
A wise man once shared this exact inspirational phrase with me.

quote image that says, "focus on the 'some' and the rest will come!"

I was crying in my father’s lap one afternoon about the lack of money I had saved at that point in life. I was utterly embarrassed. I felt shameful, remorseful, stupid and quite frankly, ridiculous. I said to him: “Dad, I feel so stupid! I know, from a spiritual perspective it is not wise or recommended that I beat myself up over this, but I am so ashamed and shocked that after all the money I have earned, I don’t have enough for what I want. I have some, but not all, and I want to have it all!”

To which he lovingly replied: “Focus on the some and the rest will come, providing that you continue to save.”

Ah-hahahahaha! Yes! That’s it!
A reframe and perspective shift of epic proportions occurred for me.
I could focus on the missing money but that would just keep it missing. Why, you may ask, would focusing on the missing money delay more money from arriving easily? Good question! And the answer has to do with the delicate intersection of reality meets magic.

You see, we can not have anything we perceive as missing.
The basic tenant of The Law of Attraction is that we get more of what we are focused on. Therefore, if we are focused on the having of something we desire more of, Source brings us more to have. Yet, if we are focused on the wanting of something from the perspective of not having it, or missing it, then it remains missing, because the focus is on being without. Therefore, we remain without.

In my case, I HAD been saving money, and yet, what I was more focused on was the money I DIDN’T have. I was focused on the lack and thereby feeling the lack of what I wanted. And quite frankly, I couldn’t arrive where I wanted if I kept my attention on the scarcity aspect. Yes?

From that moment on with insight and intention, I thought and said out loud: “FOCUS ON THE SOME AND THE REST WILL COME!” Plus, I continued to save a portion of my money on a weekly basis. Mondays are called “Money Mondays” in our home, whereby we squirrel away valuable cash to fund our delightful dreams and desires. And that, my friends, is an example of “reality meets magic.” The reality of actually putting money in the bank on Mondays AND the magic of molding energy.

Whatever the desires of your heart for that which you want more of, focus on the “some” of what you do already have, take inspired (not “massive”) action, and the rest WILL come with the effortless ease of which we speak.

I love you so,

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