The Secret to Inspiring Love + Devotion

In pursuit of Magic

Today’s post is generously brought to us by the divine Syndee Stein, creatrix of Deeper Ground. She is a rocket-fueled trail guide for your inner evolution, a bodyworker, movement teacher, visionary of vibrancy, and an enthusiast of all things life, including YOU! If it’s love make sure to connect with her on Twitter + Facebook.

We probably all want to inspire love and devotion in others, right? Who wouldn’t?

I’m going to tell you how to do just that.

The Secret? Receptivity.

Receptivity is a foundational skill when you’re relating to anyone, but today we’re focusing on the men folk of planet earth.

Let’s talk archetypes for a moment.

Receptivity is yielding, soft, and Yin.
Action is firm, energized, and Yang.

We all have Yin and Yang energies inside of us – let’s not pretend that we don’t have physiological hard-wiring that affects most of what we do.

Men’s brains arn’t built like ours, they don’t process information like we do, their language centers are not connected with their feeling centers like ours are. Unless you’re in a state of openness and receptivity when you’re with a man, you will see him through your own lens of history, beliefs, hopes, and aspirations.

To actually see him for who he is, in this moment, you drop that lens and be 100% receptive so you can take him in.

Receptivity is not an idea; it is a state of being. It is non-doing, non-interfering, but it is not inert.

To really understand a man, to be able to see his direction, his actions, his desires, his strengths and weaknesses, you must actively contain all of your thoughts and feelings without pushing them down or acting them out. That takes massive amounts of energy! Receptivity isn’t about action, but it is very, very active.

When you’re receptive, something magical happens.
Men shine.
They literally light up and start wanting to be in your presence because they see themselves reflected with no interference. And they are starving for that!

So next time you’re in the presence of a man, be he family member or stranger, practice the Art of Receptivity. Really, really listen to him. Not just to his words, but to his body language, his actions, the tone of his voice. And don’t try to change him.

Let me know what you discover!


Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash