The Weekend Hot List

I think it’s really important that we all take breaks – from work, from life, from the internet.  Susannah Conway took a very picturesque and clever break and still managed to post regularly.

Yumyumyum! Grilled asparagus and chili orange quinoa spring rolls.

And more yum: chickpea, avocado, feta salad.

Yes!  5 Entreprenuer Annoyances That Devalue Social Media Efforts
We understand the selfie addiction, but unless you’re an exceptional fashion blogger (world-renowned, in fact), or get paid to post quality images; this infatuation in large doses can become a nuisance over time. Don’t worry, we see you.

I love me some raw almonds, so I loved Jess’s post about being a ‘super food slut.
I don’t believe that any single food is magical or medicinal in and of itself. I think in our complex, integrated bodily systems, it’s everything we eat (and drink and think and do) that makes up our complete picture of health. It definitely ain’t the one supplement or powder or Patagonian super-fruit that is going to change everything. We’re far too complex for that. I know this, I’ve thought it for a while, it makes sense to me. So this recent slutting about with every superfood under the sun is a sure-fire sign that I’m not quite on top of my health game and am looking for answers and easy ways out.

A wedding that is both rustic AND urban?  Into it.

Want to FINALLY learn how better handle your emotions? Morgan McKean makes it fun + insightful!

A Blog About Love?  Yes, please!

So, you like the guy! The excitement is high. You have a second or a third date planned, and this time you want to dress a bit sexier.  Date-Night Looks:  How To Look Sexy, Yet Classy!

Happy weekend reading lovelies!

Go make good stuff happen.   XO