the wisdom of giving + deserving (why it works)

wisdom of giving

Hey. Hey you.

You deserve:

kisses in the morning
to be listened to
hugs when you walk through the front door
to be seen + celebrated for what is seen
to change your mind
to receive a return call, text and/or email in a reasonable time frame
to be appreciated
deep breaths
thought innovation
a connection to spirit
to feel worthy
to start over
to be asked how your day was
to make a living anyway you want
a time out
to sleep in
an empty inbox
to do work you are passionate about – work that strengthens you
a free pass
the option to say no
or yes
higher consciousness
less anxiety
less frustration
less friction

We all deserve: forgiveness, space, sleep, partnership, time out
+ the opportunity to achieve higher consciousness.

Not just you.  But all of us.

I heard a saying once that has stayed with me.
“The world gives to the giver + takes from the taker.”

So give.
Give what you so rightly deserve + crave.
Bust through the self-centeredness + scarcity.
There is enough for all.

Shower us with your generosity of heart.
Give and
give and

And watch us enthusiastically return all you have ever desired.

(+ deserve)


© 2012 Danielle Dowling