5 (Unexpected)Tips for Manifesting Abundance


You want to learn all about manifesting abundance so you can enjoy a full life. You’ve heard of others calling forth all that they desire and you want to do the same. But how do you go about manifesting abundance? What is the secret to a life of abundance?

Maybe you’ve tried manifesting abundance in the past and have met with failure. You just haven’t been able to master what seems like an elusive task. So what is the answer? How do you manifest abundance in your life starting today?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Manifesting is much easier, yet more difficult, than you might imagine. I can hear you scratching your head and asking “What? Didn’t she just contradict herself?” Well, yes and no.

The secret to manifesting abundance

Here’s the thing: The secret to manifesting is simply letting go. I know that sounds so simple and you’re likely thinking, “Well, if that’s all I have to do, then, Whamo! I’ve done it! Bring on all that I desire. I’m ready!”

But have you really let go and are you really ready? 

When I say let go, I am referring to letting go of expectations for yourself and others and circumstances. Therein lies the problem for many people. It is much easier said than done to let go of expectations.

You likely want a list of “manifesting to-dos.” I’m happy to give you a list, but before I do it’s important to talk about the key hurdle to manifesting abundance. And that is expectations. Admit it. You even have expectations about a list that you can quickly check off until you’ve “arrived at your destination.” 

The key to manifesting everything you want

I’m sorry to disappoint you by not giving you that quick check list just yet. But I assure you that if you keep reading, you’ll discover the key to manifesting all that you yearn for and much more.

We come into this life as infants–clean slates, if you will. We don’t really have any expectations except that when we cry, we expect to get food when we’re tired, we expect to sleep. But once we are able to walk and talk, in comes expectations. 

Our parents expect us to sleep through the night by a certain age, and then expect us to walk from point A to point B, even if we are a bit wobbly. And when we get older, they expect certain grades. 

I’m not here to say any of this is necessarily “bad.” I’m just here to show you how expectations are spawned very early on in life and how they continue to grow and get more weighty. 

At some point, we also turn the tables on expectations and begin expecting of others and of ourselves. Expectations come up when we apply for college. We expect that we will get into this or that university–or in the reverse, we expect that we won’t get into certain colleges. Then we expect to meet the perfect partner at the perfect time, and if we are so inclined, have children and buy a home, etc. Or if we are more of a wandering soul, we may expect to travel the world by the time we are a certain age or retire at a certain point.

So where am I going with all of this? 

I am simply showing you how endemic expectations are in the way we function in this world. Because in order for you to truly manifest and access your every dream and desire, you must understand how expectations will quickly unravel all of the good seeds you have planted to grow your deep-seated dreams and desires.

What manifesting abundance is not 

When it comes to manifesting abundance, it’s not about how hard you wish or how many mantras and affirmations you say or how long your gratitude list is–though all of these are good practices. It’s simply about how good you are at letting go of expectations. Because when you do, magic will quickly flow into your life. So much so that you will be inundated.

But how do you release expectations? Rather than giving you 5 tips for manifesting abundance, I am going to give you 5 tips for releasing expectations. Once you have mastered these techniques, all you need do is write down or say out loud or even think what you want. Then open your arms and get ready, because you’ll soon be receiving all that you wish for and much more.

How to release expectations and manifest

Repeat after me:

  • The manner in which my dreams and desires come racing to me is not of consequence.
    I may be on a dating app expecting to find the partner of my dreams but I run into my soulmate at the dry cleaners.
  • I cannot predict how abundance (aka my dreams and desires) will come to fruition, and there is danger in trying to figure it out. For when I try to do so, I call in expectations, and expectations are the death of manifestation.
  • The manner in which my dreams and desires come to fruition will astound me.
    I couldn’t write those chapters in my life if I tried. Spirit/the Universe has plans for me that I don’t know about at this moment. Therefore it’s vital that I don’t try to figure out beforehand how my dreams will be fulfilled. I just need know that they will be fulfilled in a magical way.
  • I simply cannot force my dreams and desires to come to fruition.
    No amount of wishing and hoping and wanting and desiring will bring things to me. All that “needy” thinking pushes away what I want until it becomes a faint dot in the distance. I must release expectations in terms of what I will do to make things happen and simply allow them to happen, however that occurs.
  • While my dreams and desires are ethereal, they are also based in reality. However, I am not the master of the results.
    Manifesting is all about letting the Universe/Spirit take the reins and take over, flying into the cosmos and returning with a sleigh full of presents for me and only me. 

When the sleigh comes back full, my only job is to welcome the gifts with open arms. And then, yes, shout out a big thank you to the Universe/Spirit!

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