Up-Lift & Manifest Your Joyous Destiny

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This is a year of profound and remarkable up-lift. 

The energy field of this year is one that invites you, in the softest of ways, back into balance with your aligned and highest self. The you who’s unequivocally in tune with the vision of your destiny.

Meaning: you can unlock and clearly see into the-life-of-your-wildest-dream’s plan your soul has for you. 

Destiny, dear friend, is your soul’s most prosperous, most joyous blueprint for itself. Destiny is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the sailing-off-into-the-sunset-storybook experience of you. It is you getting really good at being the best version of you! 

Furthermore, destiny is directly shaped by your willingness to surrender all that clouds that vision. Clear sight through and into the up-lifted you. Ah, surrender, another theme of the new year. The gentle peeling away of that which resists the at-ease alignment with personal empowerment. Setting aside such resistance is a soul-inspired intention for 2022.  

Wouldn’t you relish and treasure a sneak peek, no, a bold, breathtaking view of your destiny? 

The soul’s most abundant and rewarding plan for itself? 

Please join me for January Jumpstart as we dust off the crystal ball powers of your third eye and see into your great personal success. For it’s a lot easier to manifest your joyous destiny when you are tuned into it through clear-sighted vision, sense of purpose and consistent, inspired action steps.  

The yellow brick road awaits….

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January Jumpstart is a limited, private coaching opportunity only available in the month of January. The program consists of four 60-minute sessions together at a drastic, one-time-a-year financial discount.  

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January Jumpstart