Use Your Influence

user your influence guitar with pieces of round wood

Whether you think anyone is listening or not –
Your life matters
Your art matters
You matter.

We are each gifted with a myriad of ways to express our creative genius –
paint brushes, music, the written word, dance, and so many more.

These gifts allow us to serve others + build lives and careers that fit us down to the
fiber of our being.

We make impact.
There is light. There are sparks and cosmic dust.
There is influence.
And truth.

Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character,
development, or behavior of someone or something.
Having an effect on people’s lives is a huge responsibility.

Your influence matters, no matter how miniscule you may think it is.

If you have ‘just’ 10 close friends, think about all of those people in one room with you. That’s a full house! And all those bright souls have desires, hopes, and hearts. Never doubt that you can do a lot with what seems like a little. It’s not the numbers that matter – it is the quality of relationships that matter.

Imagine that your influence can change someone’s life for the better.
Because it can.
And has.

You can have a loving partnership that inspires communication,
faith, and mutual respect in others’ romantic relationships.

You can have a relationship with yourself that influences the people in your life
to be kinder + more compassionate with themselves. They start running,
they launch the blog, they go back to school, they make more time for a hobby that nourishes them.  They “get possible.”

You can have a business that creates meaningful work, that literally employs, feeds, and empowers others.

You can never not influence.
Your life, no matter how bold or serene, is a living, breathing classroom.
And we are your students.

breakthroughs, the power of love, miracles, proof, possibility, reinvention, evolution + revolutions, dawnings, dedication, devotion, taking chances, compassion and remembrance.

You’re our role model.
When you think big, bold, and generously we do, too.
Love + life is multiplied through your influence.

And that should not to be taken lightly.


I’m a Los Angeles based life coach + business coach.
I offer a sharp combination of keen insight, know-how + intuition.
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Photo by Maxime Favier on Unsplash