Want Life To Feel Easier?

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You have the ability to literally create what you want in your life.

When we make a choice to be successful and joyous everything actually gets so much easier!

Being in this choice, to live the greatest life we know how to live, is the result of being very focused on answering the question–”What do I most desire in life?”

It is the rejection of “just going through the motions” and “business as usual” and leaning in, perhaps just 10% more than yesterday, to what really, really matters to you.

So why is this challenging for so many of us?

Our fear based perception of who we are and what’s possible to us in life acts as a roadblock between honestly answering and taking the actions needed on the other side of the question–”What do I most desire to create in my life?”

If you perceive with fear you will experience a fearful, restricted reality.  If you perceive with love, abundance and limitlessness then you will experience an abundant, full reality.

Perception is driven by choice.

What do you want see?  The choice is up to you.

And on this choice depends your solidarity, sense of contentment
+ ease with life.

The world we see is an outside picture of an inward condition.
What we see every day is our state of mind projected onto
the landscape of daily life.

If you choose to allow anxiety, anger + hopelessness to find a regular place
in your heart + head you will perceive the world with fear + resentment.

If you practice identifying with the power of choice,
understanding your innate wholeness +
perceive all challenges as an opportunity for growth
then you will look out on the world with elevated satisfaction.

Begin to notice where + with whom you invest your daily energy.
Imagine that you have only $100 of energetic currency to spend a day.

Keep a mental (or literal) list of who or what you choose to spend it on.
Ask yourself: is this situation or person worth a percentage of my $100?

Observe afterwards: Did you spend in a manner that contributes to the expansion of your soul or in the grips of judgment, comparison, catty gossip + manipulation?

At the end of the day:
witness all the places you chose to leave your energetic heart.

The ego mind/fear will tell you: “This is ridiculous–you will become a doormat! Passivity will only place you in danger. You must be vigilant to defend against loss. Your safety depends on it.”

Understand this: nothing is being done to you.

As events happen in your life, they happen.
They are not meant to annihilate you.
They’re ultimately meant to educate you.
Lift you to a highest creative capacity.

It is easy to perceive with calm + generosity when
life is going with you.

But, witness what happens to your perceptual system under challenging circumstances.
Does it take a quick dive into blaming + criticizing?

“Do you take stressful events personally or observe them impersonally?”Caroline Myss
The degree to which you do will determine how well you can
hold your center regardless of what calm or chaos is going on around you.

When you reframe the events of your day in the light of –what is there to be
learned–you actively take back energy from where it should not be.

When self limiting belief hits and hits hard – and it will because
that’s how the cosmos has decided we expand + evolve – practice asking yourself:

“How is this an opportunity for my growth?”
“How could this be happening for my benefit?”

As well as reminding yourself-every day-that you are a child of God. Innately powerful, abundant and safe regardless of external circumstances.

If you don’t manage your perception consciously
you will get managed unconsciously.

Which would you prefer?



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