Why Wanting Something is a “Good Thing” (Video)

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Hi friends and welcome back to the Dazzle of the Day series where we prioritize feeling good feelings and thinking feeling good thoughts! The “Dazzle,” as we lovingly refer to it around these parts, is a high vibrational happy event, circumstance, occasion, affirmation or mantra. Basically, anything along the spectrum of pleasant to awesome that happens in your day. Noticing, catching and collecting dazzles throughout the day does make one light up as if a Christmas tree in July!

As you go about your days and awareness settles on a dazzle, exclaim out loud: “A dazzle! I caught a dazzle!” I promise, friends, you will laugh, you will smile, you might even feel like the luckiest, most blessed and most loved person on the planet. And as you do, your mood and energy will rise, and as your energy rises, you have now become an emotional match to all your heart wants.

Why is becoming an emotional match to my heart’s desires so important, you ask? It all has to do with the basic teaching of The Law of Attraction, which clearly states: Like attracts like and we get more of what we are focused on. Therefore, to allow in and receive the whims and wishes of our heart, we must be in the same “mood” or energy state of our dreams. Joyful, grateful and aware of the abundance that is always available to us. Dazzle catching helps one authentically shift into greater happiness and peace.

Enter today’s Dazzle of the Day teaching:

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Danielle, this doesn’t sound like much of a Dazzle, you might be thinking. How does knowing that I wanted to want something and strive for something supposed to lift my mood? I spend everyday somewhat painfully aware that there’s a lot I want that I don’t have, and I would prefer to not be reminded!

I do love when you ask such poignant questions! Today’s Dazzle is a perspective shift on wanting and therefore an opportunity to embrace the concept of wanting. To no longer see things from a lack perspective but rather from an abundance perspective. Wanting is a grand and glorious game. A beautiful box full of endless presents to open. Wanting is a nod to our limitless nature and ability to create and create and create again. Wanting is inherently a “good thing.” Let me explain.

Time. One does tend to measure one’s progress in many areas in life by time. How long does this, that or the other thing generally take, and then one thinks, it should take me that long, or even better, less time.

But then there are those things in life that don’t fit the proverbial expected timeline. Those things that are taking you so much longer than it seems they have taken other people. These various things that take time, depending on the person, do fall into some major categories, as you may have found…

If you were to look at this list as you might other various goals, you would prioritize them, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t try to tackle them all at once, would you? In order to have a somewhat orderly progression in one’s life, you would likely tackle one at a time, or maybe two or three. With this I wish to show you that while time does matter—of course it does, for you are growing older, as they say—it also has its own form and function. It is a gradual ladder—steps to walk up as you go—to get to where you wish to go.

Of course, there is the idea that too much at once is too much. And while this does most certainly tend to be true, on the other hand, there are reasons for some things in your life not coming together in as timely a manner as you would think would be possible. Here are those primary reasons which will help you as you march on toward your ever magnificent goals with greater ease and assuredness.

:: You wished for the human experience. Wanting and hoping and wishing for something is one of the most basest of human emotions and experiences.

:: You wanted to want something and strive for something. If you had it “all,” you wouldn’t be working toward more, and in particular working toward bettering yourself and raising your energy, as we practice here together. Most likely, you would be bored and “over it” and uninspired with life. What would there be left to dream of, journey towards and yelp in joy about once achieved? You didn’t want to gorge on the proverbial box of candy. You wanted to take out one piece at a time and let them each melt in your mouth and experience the full taste sensation.

:: You wanted to learn to wait for the gemstones—for the goldmines. You wanted to learn to wait so that when you get what you want, your mood and energy will be ultra-high and you will be quite literally soaring from life satisfaction and appreciation—not for mere days or months, but truly for years. If you were to have gotten this gemstone earlier, you would have admired the bauble and put it away.

We will never not want, and this is a joy and an adventure if one could see it as such. A constant unfolding of one miraculous surprise after the other. Does this mean that you shall have to wait “forever” for what you wish? No. You are taking steps toward your dream, and your dream is coming closer and closer to you as you walk closer and closer to it. Know this and do as you are doing to move toward your goals and intentions. There is nothing more to do.


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