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Project Love Staying Creative

You know I’m ALL about my posse. Surround yourself with women who encourage + inspire you.

“There is nothing wrong with wanting something more.”

We’re all a little weird, awkward + imperfect. Let’s celebrate being “not that kind of girl.”

We can all relate to The Insecurity Battle. Here are some ideas to help break the cycle.

Are Gadget-Free Bedrooms the Secret to a Happy Relationship?
“A study published last month in The International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy, for example, found that when one person in a relationship is using some forms of technology more than the other, it makes the second person feel ignored and insecure. Or as your therapist may say, it brings up a whole lot of abandonment issues.”

Could the “Divorce Surge” just be a myth now?

I’m all over this Project Love.

How does Benedict Cumberbatch stay sane with such a busy schedule?

Digging this today: Poem for the Tech Startup Entrepreneur

To bookmark: 40 Ways to Stay Creative

This short story is so beautiful.
“Sooner or later we all come around to the idea that the best of the little moments are just as meaningful as the ones that sweep us off our feet. Life gets Victory-Lane-good when we learn to linger – on a porch, over a glass of wine, tangled in a comforter, and under a thousand points of light.”

Here’s another writer you should get to know for health, wellness + thought-provoking short stories.

Does the yoga we practice reflect our mental state?

Who wants mysterious ingredients in their skincare? Not me! This stuff sounds divine.

I can’t get enough of these adorable 2015 calendars! AND this Folk Dreams Jewelry shop?! I want it all.


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