Sweet Jolts of Goodness + Candy For Your Soul

soul candy

We all know that life isn’t always all yoga classes + raw almonds.
It’s not always scented candles and reading on the patio.

Sometimes it’s self doubt and heartbreaking decisions.
Sometimes it’s getting in your own way and disappointment + I-thought-this-time-would-be-different.

And in those moments, we ALL (every single one of us) needs a reminder.

A reminder that you can live, love, grow and achieve.
You can give, receive, and choose meaningful actions.
You can release all the burdens you have imposed on yourself + choose to live this day with gusto.
You can know, undeniably, that you’re fully capable of bringing possibility into reality.

We all need reminders of our greatness.
Sweet jolts of goodness to motivate us back to action + into divine knowing.
Candy for our soul, if you will.


The creation of Soul Candy tees are a reminder to:

:: celebrate of all the quirky, original, fascinating, freaky + idiosyncratic

characteristics that make you-YOU!

:: package your genius + promote of your passion with pride and panache.

:: only pursue what makes you feel useful, inspired, confident, and free.

Even on the worst of days when you’re stuck in the muck + mire
of self doubt, judgment + attack the best of you is always available.

You can choose at any moment to return to the sanctuary of your
heart; the home of your SOUL.  And it is there that you will find you...once again.

So what are you waiting for?
Take YOUR journey
Bare your soul.

Join me in wearing your soul on your sleeve with your own Soul Candy t-shirt…

Choose you.
Choose love.

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