Weekend Hot List

Bright lemons in a basket get out of a funk

Bookmark this one for that inevitable post-holiday mope: How To Get Out Of An Epic Funk

This app sounds life-changing!

Smart, Pretty, Awkward is such a good blog I’m not going to link to one, specific post.  Go read the whole thing!

Yes!  During the holidays we see so many people and it’s easy to fall into the small-talk trap.  But what if we, you know, actually connected with them?
When we do the inner work, we have the ability to connect more deeply and meaningfully with others. After going inside and surrendering some old fears in meditation and witnessing and shifting thoughts throughout the day, move outside and bring your higher self forward in your conversations with others. Practice that real connection where you are in the presence of love. Expect miracles.

This sounds amaaaazing!  Boutique-quality clothes, hand-chosen for you, shipped right to your door?  Yes, please!

If you’re making excuses about what you ‘can’t’ do, I encourage you to read Grace’s story.

TRUTH. One of the secrets of adulthood is that enthusiasm makes difficult tasks easy.
When I feel enthusiastic about some undertaking, it comes so, so, so much more easily to me. For instance, writing. My husband is great at writing, but I’m a writer, and he’s not — because I have endless enthusiasm for writing and revising, and he doesn’t.

Stop ordering the cheapest thing on the menu!

Have you made these business mistakes?

Wouldn’t this honey mud mask be great for a quiet night in filled with pampering and wine?  And maybe munch on this cinnamon sugar popcorn?

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