The Weekend Hot List

Perfect for this time of year!  Paleo pumpkin cobbler.

Want to get fit in just 30 minutes?  I thought so.

A reminder – self-care is not selfish.
Self care does not have to mean ditching our daily responsibilities and running away to a spa or on a vacation alone.   Self care is taking just a few moments in each day to honor our bodies, our minds, and our souls.   Bathe your senses in sounds, sights, feelings, and tastes that create happiness, relaxation, and joy.

Tangerine sugar scrub!  Wouldn’t this be great for a hostess gift?

5 expert tips for uncovering more self-compassion.  Self-Kindness Love Bombs here!

Holy helpful!  6 secrets to overcome whatever is holding you back.

Feeling hopeless?  Here’s how to find hope.
‘Obsess’ over the positive. When you’re trying to hold out hope, it’s ever critical that you minimize the negative, the complaining over what hasn’t happened yet – and, even worse, the tendency to blame others for what hasn’t happened yet. Hope can’t happen if you’re stuck in the negativity zone or the blame game. Instead, obsess over the positive − you know, those positive “It’s going to happen!” thoughts.

Also!  I’m attending this fantastic event.   Speakers will be covering astrology, finance, following your passion, and even yoga!  And if you use the discount code LAGODDESS when registering you’ll pay $50 instead of $80!

I loved this video about Fall trends and classics – so helpful!

A reminder that your work isn’t precious.
Your work — even though it’s creative, even though it’s art, even though it’s got a piece of your wrung-out heart on every page — is not precious. You don’t need to treat it with kid gloves. You don’t need to wait until 17 different preconditions are met (room is tidy, washing folded, child sleeping, desk clear, workout done, intentions set, aromatherapy oils burning, mood perfect) before starting. Stop treating it like a sacred act that requires ritual or mood to get started, and do something revolutionary: just start.

Is it possible to develop your intuitive intelligence?

I loved this post about insanely basic plan to become self-employed or start a business.


Happy Weekend.

GO + DO!