Will Something Else Make Me Happy? (I Just Want to Be Home!)

What Does Home Mean to You?

Jose and I have been searching for a home for our small family.

In full transparency and vulnerability, I have been very frustrated, confused, and generally discouraged by our findings. We went out (yet again) to drive around a few neighborhoods we imagined would be the right mix of family friendly +  lifestyle components that the city gal in me enjoys!

I left for the day giddy with excitement and anticipation… all the while thinking Today could be the day we find our new home!”  Not unlike the times when I was single and would head out with my girlfriends for a night of dinner and drinks whilst secretly thinking… “Maybe tonight will be the night I find my husband!”

Ahhhhh how these things are different but the same!
If you’re not looking for one thing, you’re looking for another. 😉

We drove from one neighborhood to the next and I felt like Goldilocks…
This house is too small.
Too old… we’d have to gut the whole thing.
Oh my goodness, it’s right off the highway and SO noisy.
We were heartbroken.

But I refuse to purchase a home I don’t like just to have a new home. It’s a lot of money to spend on something you don’t like just to say you have that something.

Yet, I have felt depressed, stressed, and totally pressured to make. this. home. purchase. happen!  

My ego says:

:: “Everyone else your age who’s marriage with children has a house–what’s wrong with you?”
:: “See, if you work even harder and longer you can make the money to buy the house on the hill you liked!”
:: “You’re behind.”

Maybe there is something you too REALLY want right now?
Maybe like me, it’s a new home.
Perhaps it’s that loving relationship.
A promotion.
The money.
The body.
For your hurt and pain to be understood.
A loyal group of friends.

The human heart and mind will always want more.  And this is OK as it is in our nature.
But HOW to best prepare for, receive, and welcome in our desires is a topic that is always worth exploring.

I sat down in a channeling session with my spirit guides to understand this and I am blessed to share their words as I believe there is much healing and abundance in them for all of us.

What Does Home Mean to You?


There is the physical home and there is the spiritual home.
You see, home is a major question that is on everyone’s mind because everyone wants to feel this sense of belonging. For most people, the first major concern is: How am I going to buy or rent a home so I can belong, feel rooted, and safe somewhere?

So you have to first ask yourself:
“What is the feeling that I am really looking for in a home?”

Let’s say that today this perfect home is handed to you.
It’s beautiful, it’s big enough, it has all of the amenities, is in the right neighborhood, has the right neighbors, has the best schools for your child….

What is the feeling that you are trying to experience by having these things?
Tap into yourself and ask: Do I want to feel more stable… joyful, like I can belong somewhere?”
You see, this is the very same feeling that you need to develop within yourself first.

We don’t say this in a critical way we merely say it because the feeling of home is a universal yearning for all human beings and the way you’re approaching it is through the outer circumstances.  

You will energetically be in alignment with the physical home you search for as you tap into and grow the feeling that you are one with and taken care of by The Universe.

Because you see, everything in life is about alignment.
Right now there is a gap between where you are and where you want to go.

You can drive to 10, 20, 30 neighborhoods– but you will not find the home because even if the home exists right now (and it DOES exist) the alignment is not there yet.  

You can try to push yourself there. You can try to “make it happen,” which is how most humans go about achieving their goals but this is a very hard way to go about it.

You feel frustrated because you see the gap we speak of as a boulder, something you have to bulldoze over to get to what you want. But it’s actually just an empty space, so shift the way you think about it.

You want to be there
and you are here.

You just need to move inch by inch up the FEELING LADDER to where that house is.
Begin by visualizing this empty space in your mind and recognize that-
“OK, it’s only an empty space not a boulder and I just have to shift the way I feel inside.”
And then ask:
“What is it that I am truly wanting to feel once I get to that home?”

See, this is the funny thing about human beings:
They want to drive a better car so they go get a better car.
They feel satisfied for 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months and then the feeling disappears.

After awhile the goal, home, car, relationship, shoes all begin to feel like old clothes in the closet. The “happy” or whatever feeling fades. So then what?!

Then they have to go look for something else to satisfy them.
They chase this “feel good feeling” all over the world!
A bigger project, an even bigger home, world travel!

It’s interesting this way because the FEELING that they are looking for has not been satisfied by the object they are choosing and never will be.  Or at least not for long….because it fades.
We are not saying it is wrong to achieve or have things because as human beings you will always want more.  And it is great. This is why you come to life is to experience life through the physical senses.  

However, the way to sustainably feel that “feel good feeling” is to grow it internally and not rely on something else out there to make you happy. Then the external world has no choice but to align itself with you.

And because right now, if where you are and where you are going is not quite in alignment, it doesn’t matter how hard you chase after this home… it’s like the home can be standing right in front of you but you will not recognize it.   

It’s like there is a kind of thin veil and you can not see the home.
And of course The Universe does not do this on purpose to piss you off …..it’s just how it works!  So we are telling you how it works.


How to Attract Whatever IT is You’re Working Toward

I’m currently looking for a home.
What are YOU searching for or working towards that you do not currently have?

Begin by asking….what is it that I am truly looking to FEEL from having (insert your desire here)?

Once you can clearly articulate this then you can cultivate these feelings within yourself by shifting certain actions in your physical world and thoughts that don’t serve you in your emotional world.  (I understand this is a teaching in and of itself–stand by.)

And once you can better express these feelings within yourself your desire and you will be in alignment and it WILL present itself.

How so?

Because the FEELING you are longing for from the external object, person, or experience already exists inside you.  And you will NOT have to chase it all over the world.

Rather you can relax into ease, comfort, stability, and joy wherever and with whomever you are.

And this, I am learning, is the real and long lasting gift.    



  1. I can do relate to this lesson! Of course, what we look for is always something that we desire within ourselves, but for most people, it is easier to just project it outside. You are so brave in sharing your own learning. I am loving it!!

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