What have you pulled off this year?

what did you pull off this year bottles of wine and sea salt

2013 is winding down.  You’ve cleaned up the tinsel and wrapping paper, you’re planning your New Year’s outfit, and you’re probably thinking about your resolutions for the 2014.

And as we turn our faces to the new year, it’s easy to get caught up in what we didn’t do this year. The goals we didn’t reach. The projects unfinished and the jeans that are still a little bit too tight.


Instead, let’s talk about what you DID do this year.

We’re so hard on ourselves. On the edge of a new project or opportunity, we begin to think of every possible reason that we’re not the right person for the job or doubt that we’re qualified.  We recall all the times we didn’t get it right in the past and what’s at stake this time around.

The precipice of expressing your creative mojo is where you can anchor into positive proof.

Remind yourself that you have pulled off genius before — and you will again.

What are your wins and accomplishments?  Where did you shine this year?
What did you do this year that you thought was nearly impossible?

Toot your horn!  If you’re feeling too shy to sing your own phrases, answer like your BFF would.
Go back as far in your life as you need to for evidence of greatness.

This is your résumé of wonder.

Sit down with a glass of wine, light a candle, and list the ways you’ve kicked ass this year, the projects you’ve nailed, the support and wisdom you’ve shared with family and friends.  List moments you were brave and times you had the guts to be vulnerable.

Strike the match to fiery wisdom + soulful, self-FUL accolades.
Cast a shadow of love + better knowing over 2013.

Number your accomplishments + know that there are many, many more
where those came from.










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