When life gives you sour grapes….

life feel to serious? ask yourself this

If life didn’t seem serious enough, the world events from the last few months, including the war in Ukraine and inflation, have compounded the sense of already present angst.  Therefore, it was almost near impossible to not feel further discouraged by the recent Supreme Court ruling.

I am of the mindset and belief that trying to hinder another’s freedom always costs you YOUR freedom.

Freedom from the fear of unwanted circumstances will never be achieved by trying to control the behavior or desires of others.

Your freedom and sense of life satisfaction can only be had by paying attention to YOU and your choices and your desires and your wants and your preferences and your likes and your dislikes—in relationship to YOU.

Desiring to control other’s choices and behavior so you can feel happy or satisfied or pleased or safe in your own life and relationship with life is short-lived and will never be the source of lasting happiness and satisfaction.

We are many weeks from the original publication of the below letter and yet, Spirit inspired me to share it here, again, with you. Although some aspects are particularly contextual to COVID, many others are timeless in the soul journey and human desire to manifest and experience joy, prosperity and inner clarity.

PS. It’s ok to feel afraid at times. Yet, wield your POWER OF CHOICE purposefully and never deny yourself the absolute GIFT of feeling good when and how and where you absolutely can feel good.
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The single most powerful abundance mantra we can state is: Thank You
I thought it would be helpful and fun, yes, I did say fun, in the midst of a world pandemic, if we practiced compassion for ourselves and others.

The world as well as our inner worlds are amuck with much confusion and fear. It seems as if all is uncertain and it’s become so easy to hyperfocus on that upset. It is everywhere after all: on the news, in the classrooms, on our social media feeds. It’s as if fear and panic have become the wallpaper adorning our inner-landscapes. It’s omnipresent and offensive. 

Yet, know that we do not have to be on the offensive.
Rather, we can and must choose to perceive otherwise.
You, yes, powerful you, are always at choice, even when the external world seems to hint you are not. See through to the core truth of your ever-present power to directly shape the environment.

The world appears to be upside down and you might say: “How do I not pay attention to the warning signs? How do I not be worried and concerned? Should I not be stockpiling my pantry “just in case?” Am I putting myself or family in danger if I am not hyper-vigilant?”

Yes, do practice reasonable caution, yet I encourage you not to panic. Practice discernment in regards to how much panic you choose to consume and digest. I am purposeful in the selection of these words, for if we binge-eat panic, we will become panic. Energy and food work similarly to one another in the body. Therefore, if we choose to binge-eat four tubs of ice cream, our bodies will act and feel the effects of four tubs of ice cream, which is usually not very pleasant. Same-same.

If we binge consume fear and scarcity, we will create an inner and outer world of more fear and scarcity. I’m not intimating to ignore the state of the world, rather watch enough news to be aware but not to over-alarm oneself. Yes, wash your hands, avoid larger crowds, yet do also recognize the power of the Law of Attraction. If we use this time to individually lose ourselves and our focus in fear and unrest, we are adding to the unconscious world disorder.

Practice healthy physical hygiene, but also practice healthy spiritual hygiene. Meaning: Use this time to focus on what is meaningful and heartfelt for you. Yes, do use this moment in history to consciously lean into the soul journey with personal feel-good practices and awareness like cultivating the habit of being thankful.

Do we want to create more personal joy and elation?
Do we want to create health and positivity?
Do we want to create connection, closeness and open-heartedness?
OR do we want to create isolation, limitation and fear?

The energy field we focus on will not only expand but supersede. I invite you to close your eyes and imagine two small gardens, one speckled with multi-color fruits and veggies and the other with weeds. Then ask yourself: Which would I enjoy more of?” “Which would I enjoy being in the company of?” Yes, do actively choose which garden you want to feed, because it will grow and grow and grow to your heart’s delight, and the other not so much.

The world is a bit quieter right now, less hub-bub. This gives each of us the somewhat unprecedented and precious time to center and search within. To seek, discover, understand and be thankful for what brings our hearts and inner-selves the utmost joy and elation.

To help you in this practice, I have created a recipe entitled: The One Abundance Mantra To Say All Day, Everyday: Thank You. I believe this will be a stabilizing anchor in the storm and the rudder that sets your ship sailing for sunnier days ahead. Please pay special attention to the attached abundance tea. I have entitled this liquid libation: “A ThankFull Tea Infusion,” because it contains within it the powers to magnify and multiply the grateful energy latent in the sentiment: Thank you. Pair the two together and receive exponential abundance.

Download your free Abundance Mantra Recipe + ThankFull Tea Infusion below.

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