Why Instant Gratification Is Good For You

succulent instant gratification

I don’t understand why instant gratification has gotten a bad reputation.  
Personally, I’m all for it.

Why would you want to delay gratification?  

Now, by no means am I suggesting throwing your morals, manners and wisdom
out the window but if you can keep these in tact I highly encourage you to do whatever
you must to feel good and gratified in the moment.

This might be as miniscule as taking three minutes at your desk in the morning to do nothing but
sip on a tea and breath into the day. Maybe you find a window and stare out it for a couple minutes letting your brain simmer down. Dessert first! Splurging on that new coral lipstick that costs too much.  Maybe instant gratification is actively choosing a more empowering thought and dismissing fear. Perhaps it’s  taking your lunch break to sneak off to the
gym for a 30 minute run or making that bigger than big commitment.  Maybe you quit. Or maybe you begin.

The point is–instant gratification doesn’t make you a selfish,
irresponsible individual.  You can absolutely be an accountable and reliable person
to those around you while creating instant satisfaction for yourself.

Satisfaction can make life easier—-for everyone!
Happiness via instant gratification can build motivation and momentum.
It keeps you plugged in to an electric currant of creativity, stamina and strength.

When we don’t deprive ourselves of what what feels good in the moment we pro-actively
fill our emotional, spiritual and physical reserves for future work that will
require heaps of energy, focus and discipline.

Go Indulge in some instant gratification today!
It will fuel your fire.


I’m a Los Angeles based life coach + business coach.
I offer a sharp combination of keen insight, know-how + intuition.
Interested in laser focused one-on-one treatment?   Hire me.  You won’t regret it.


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