Psychology & Coaching for Lasting Change with Danielle Dowling

I’ve spent years helping people live richer, more joyful lives. I’ve seen first hand the nearly magical pairing of psychology and life coaching. Hands down, it’s the best way to bring people into their happiest selves.

My background as a doctor of psychology informs my work as a life coach and vice versa. Psychology helps us resolve our past by working through the “why” of our current struggles. Life coaching helps us plan for and move toward the life we truly want to be living — a life of boundless joy, confidence, and accomplishment.

My Philosophy

Benefits of Life Coaching with Danielle Dowling

We all want to have lives that are full to the brim with meaning, purpose and joy! But so many of us have past wounds that prevent us from living the bountiful life that we really want. It’s always easier to ignore pain and hope it will go away, but without tackling old hurts head on, we can remain chained to the past and unable to move forward.

This is where the healing magic of talk therapy comes in. Psychology helps us work through the ‘why’ of our current struggles to find the root of toxic behavior. Together, we bring everything out into the open, shed some warm, loving light on the heart of the matter, and end any hold those wounds have on you.

Once you’ve made peace with those experiences and emotions, you’ll have the power to envision and create a life that once seemed impossible! It’s this clarity and confidence that pave the way for a successful coaching partnership

Benefits of Life Coaching

As a coach I help you find inspiration, hold you accountable, and help you unleash your potential in an entirely new way. Coaching helps you organize your thinking in a manner that moves you forward powerfully and strategically without wasting time or energy. It helps you look at the world with a new perspective and take action to create the results you seek.

I will help you unlock insights that move you closer to what you truly, deeply want – and once we pinpoint those desires, we’ll make them a reality by creating a plan to get you there! That plan will help us prioritize next steps so you’re more effective, efficient, and happier along the way.

I will be your biggest cheerleader, helping you see all the possibilities that exist even when things that once seemed out of reach. Change is unavoidable, but as your coach, I’ll help you deal with change more effectively so that any struggles or transformations you do experience will be strategic and manageable.

Benefits of Life Coaching with Psychology

Pairing psychology and life coaching can be really, truly life altering. It can help you heal the past while embracing the present and taking an active role in creating your most desired future.

And what’s more magical than that?

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