Why You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men (Learn the Technology to Magnetize Instant Love)

Stop Attracting the Wrong Men & Attract Your Future Husband Instead

If you’re still single—and you don’t want to be—you’ve been choosing the wrong men.

Yes, I know that much is obvious—but I want to help you understand why you’re choosing the wrong men and give you the tools to choose the right ones.

How does that sound? I thought so 🙂

So, here’s the thing: there could be (and probably are) a lot of reasons that you’re choosing the wrong men, but I can help you zero in on a big one: You’re attracting the qualities you think you want in a man . . . and finding yourself understandably disappointed in the results.

Here’s what I mean: Whether you realize it or not, you have created a mental (and perhaps, physical) checklist of qualities that you evaluate the men you meet and date.  You might want someone who:

🗸 Is over 6 feet tall
🗸 Makes $100,000+ a year
🗸 Has a graduate degree
🗸 Loves food and wine
🗸 Doesn’t have children
🗸 Is extremely passionate about his career
🗸 Likes hiking and running
🗸 Practices your same religion
🗸 [insert your preferred quality here]

And the problem is you’re probably attracting these men into your life!

“Why is that a problem?” you might wonder.

I’ll tell you: These are not actually the qualities that definitely make a “perfect” husband. These are the qualities that get you:

:: The “good on paper” guy that you should like . . . that you had no spark with.

:: The super sexy, wealthy guy . . . who refused to listen or commit to you.

:: The intelligent, funny guy . . . who selfishly disappears for a week every once in awhile.

:: The man that your parents love (because you’re both Catholic, of course) . . . who is unwilling to compromise.

It never works out with these men who meet all of your requirements—and that’s good! It shouldn’t. You would be settling—giving boring, emotionally unavailable, selfish, underdeveloped, uncompromising men your time just because they’re tall, successful, funny, and like to eat out or hike.

How do you recognize and attract your future husband then?

Instead of attracting (then dumping) these same ol’ men—or worse, settling for one of them!—you need to reinvent what you’re looking for.

In order to stop asking, “is he the one?” you need to upgrade your ideal husband checklist! Stop settling on “attractive qualities” and get crystal-clear on the “lasting partnership qualities” you want to call in, too.

Here’s the difference:

Attractive Qualities ignite lust in you and turn you on.

Lasting Partnership Qualities make you happy in the long run. These qualities exemplify how your future partner makes you constantly feel and the way he treats you.

The Difference Between Dating Qualities and Husband Qualities

Though these qualities will vary from person to person, here are a few examples to get your wheels turning:

Attractive Dating Qualities:

🗸 Exciting
🗸 Cultured
🗸 Tall
🗸 Passionate
🗸 Successful
🗸 Funny
🗸 Fit
🗸 Spiritual
🗸 Charming
🗸 Same Religion
🗸 Same Politics
🗸 Sexy

Lasting Partnership Qualities:

🗸 Consistent
🗸 Reliable
🗸 Committed
🗸 Kind
🗸 Happy
🗸 Sexual
🗸 Trustworthy
🗸 Healthy
🗸 Supportive
🗸 Stable
🗸 Attentive
🗸 Fun

Do you see the difference?

If you are ready to stop being single . . .

If you are ready to fall in love now . . .

If you are ready to attract a man who will treasure you and treat you right . . .

. . . then you can no longer settle for a relationship where your truest, most important NEEDS aren’t being met.

Those needs aren’t for your partner to be tall or be successful or like to hike—at least, those aren’t your only needs.  

That’s why I hope you can compromise on his height if he is committed and honest.

That’s why I hope you can compromise on external success if he is attentive and supportive.

That’s why I hope you can compromise on the hikes if he is sexual and trustworthy.

That’s why I hope you refuse to settle on those long-lasting heart-centered partnership qualities, while remaining open to compromise on a few attractive qualities in your future mate.

Stop giving your time and energy to men who can’t give you what you really, truly want. Instead, get clear on the partnership qualities you won’t settle on—then go out into the world and call in the fun, loving, lasting relationship you desire and deserve.

MEDITATION:  “Victory”

I command victory.

Yogi B:
Victory is your guide,
Victory is your teacher.
Just learn one word victory.

Repeat it as many times as you can afford. One word victory. A very powerful word. It’s a net projection, effort, everything, it ends up in one word victory. You are already in it. Repeat it as many time, engrave it in your every molecule, victory. Do nothing, which doesn’t win you.

Whenever you face anything and you don’t have a answer, just call yourself inside and say victory, lean on victory.

Make it a guide word,
make it a precious word,
make it your religion.

I don’t know what you are, who you are, why you are you are, don’t ask question, don’t do your analysis, don’t try to solve problems, just utter the word victory and go on.

Posture: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine.

Mudra (hand position): Place the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, the rest of the fingers straight.

Movement: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine.

Mantra: “Victory, Victory, Victory”

Time: 3:00 minutes (set an alarm on your phone).

To Finish: Three inhales and exhales with the arms stretched straight up and fingers remaining in the mudra (hand position). Inhale and stretch the arms upward for 10 seconds each time, lengthening the spine. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again. Exhale. Inhale one last time.


Photo by Jack Young on Unsplash