Why You Should Throw in the Towel

when to throw in the towel view of ocean shoreline with two small people

Give up on what’s not working.
Call it quits.
Close shop.
Throw in the proverbial towel.

Doesn’t that feel amazing?
Take that deep breath because we just made way for success.

If it’s not working, you get to give up.
Yup, just like that.
Quitting can be a form of liberation.  Truly.

You want to make things happen in life?
Of course you do.
Well, you’ll need to hustle, darling.
Focus on your focus.
And munch on a steady diet of determination + resilience.

But there’s a difference between having your eye on the prize fueled by gorgeous gusto + trudging away under the weight of discouragement and ambivalence.
Trudging doesn’t work.
It’s usually fueled by fear of failing and some odd allegiance to duty.

And all that unhappy, uninspired schlepping will deaden you.

Don’t fix what’s broken.
G’head–  acknowledge to yourself that it’s not working.
You’re brilliant to see it. Moving on is soaked in vitality.

And vitality is good.
Real good…


I’m a Los Angeles based life coach + business coach.
I offer a sharp combination of keen insight, know-how + intuition.
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  1. Great post. I think we should just be brave and give up on things that don’t feel right for us. I’ve quitted like 5 jobs only because I didn’t like them. Some people have called me a quitter because of that but I have never ever regretted giving up on something I hate. It’s so liberating 😀

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    Hi IIda-Emilia! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I always love-love to hear from readers and I am immensely grateful for your words. xoxo

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