Writing Love Notes to Our Body with Katie Bressack

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Today, we are going to write some love notes to our body. I encourage you to get some post it notes, I really like the heart shaped ones, and find a quiet space in your home. Start by asking yourself:

“What would my body like to hear daily so I feel empowered, loved and accepted?”

Next, write everything that comes to you on a piece of paper.

Now read each thought out loud and notice how your body responds to each one. Does the thought make you feel joy or do you cringe when you hear it? Then pick the one or two that make you feel the way you want to feel every single day and write it on those heart shaped post-it notes.

Next, leave these love notes on your bedroom mirror, in your wallet, on the TV remote and read them every single day, even on those days when you might not feel that way. See if these positive thoughts slowly start to change the way you respond to your body when you are not having a good day.

A client of mine used the love notes to start embracing her legs. For as long as she could remember she disliked her legs and felt they were too thick. When she began to speak about herself and her legs in a loving way she realized they were responsible for helping her do the things she most enjoyed in life such as running marathons and practicing yoga! It was all about creating a small shift in her thoughts to embrace her body which in turn has helped her eat healthier foods and even enjoy working out more.

It takes time but slowly these new thoughts will crowd out those thoughts that were making you and your body feel unloved by the most important person, you!

This week write at least one love note to yourself and introduce the idea to any friends that might need a little extra love and self-care in their life right now. Our health, like everything else in our life, is a relationship. The more we pay attention and nourish it, the more our body thrives.  Twitter_logo_blueOften times when we consider becoming healthier we can find ourselves in front of the mirror looking at our bodies and wondering what we need to “fix.” I find this happens to most of us when we are trying on our favorite pair of jeans! (You too?) Immediately we take notice if the jeans are snug or loose, and whatever that feels like can creates an unkind inner dialogue that prevents us from taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Have you noticed a time when you felt really stressed out and may have experienced stomach pain? How about a time when you felt really sad and emotional and felt your belly expanding. I like to think of my belly as my emotional compass, she knows when I need to take a break, she knows when I’m not in the best place and if I really listen close enough she (my gut) is always right.

Our physical body reacts to our emotions and the words we speak to ourselves. This is why what we think or say out loud is so significant to our overall health and well-being, and why it is time to shift our thoughts about our bodies just like we are adding healthier foods into our daily life.

Changing our thoughts takes a lot of love, self-care and patience and plenty of patience. It’s about being mindful and thinking before we think or speak. A great way to check in with the words that you are choosing is to ask yourself, “Would I ever say that to my best friend or even someone I just met?” Most of the time it’s a big NO, yet we continue to speak cruelly to ourselves!

We have the choice to create a new relationship with our body that includes healthier foods and healthier thoughts and words. Trust me, you are not alone. At some point we have all had some unkind thoughts about ourselves but together we can change this!

Be sure to join us next week as we continue our Spring Fling. I will be sharing some more foods and recipes that you can add into your diet to help your body feel lighter and more energetic just in time for spring!


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katie b spring flingA lover of all things health and wellness, Katie Bressack is an LA based holistic health coach supporting busy women in their quest to live healthier and more balanced lives. Her home is Katiebressack.com and she plays daily on Instagram and Facebook where she shares health and wellness inspiration.