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I worked so hard.
I followed all the “how to be successful” rules and programs to a T.
I earned a masters degree in psychology because I, in part, believed it would validate my intelligence. I earned a doctorate degree in psychology because I believed, in part, it would make me more attractive to you. I pursued these studies because I also adore learning about the human mind and emotions and how to manage them in a way that feels better. And yet, I felt I needed these higher degrees to be more worthy of success.

I hired photographers, videographers, social media and public relation experts, assistants, writers, ‘sales funnel’ teams and Facebook ads. I spent thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to do what I thought I needed to do to earn abundance, respect and financial wealth. Most people were kind and genuine and wanted the best for me, a few not so much.

I said yes to everything. Every interview, every client, every networking event. Massive action was my course of action. I did it all and it appeared perfect. And yet, despite reasonable success, it felt hard and akin to pushing a boulder up a hill. I constantly asked myself: What do I need to do now to keep the success coming in? I would search the internet for the creative ideas and inspiration I needed to launch “the next best coaching program.”

I was very tired.
I became concerned about keeping up the pace.
I worried about the money I was spending on the business.
I felt as if I was just recycling everyone else’s creative ideas rather than generating my own.

Massive action was failing me.
In truth, I was failing me.
I was burnout, and I would never feel free and expansive and joyful with massive action as my co-pilot. And yet, I was scared to do something different. What do I do instead, I asked myself? If I don’t work this hard, if I don’t sit at my desk 8 hours a day or more, if I don’t have 4 robust social media accounts, how can I be sure I will be ok?

Over the course of a few years with a lot of help, I was able to grow into a state of mind and being where I felt safe enough to release massive action as a life and business plan for success. In time, I chose a new co-pilot. Little by little, massive action was replaced with inspired action.

I take a lot more naps.
Well, isn’t that nice for you, a “hard thinking” mind out there probably thought!
Yes, it is. And it can be for you too.
I would very much like to convince you to live this way as well, because, oh friends, life has never been better!

Massive action, as I see it, is doing a lot of work and expending a lot of energy based on someone else’s success formula. It’s not authentically motivated, rather a inherited checklist of sorts and results in one feeling out of sync with oneself and life. We end up copying history rather than making history for ourselves. One states in confusion, I did everything right! I followed all the rules, and life is turning out exactly as I planned, and yet, I feel dissatisfied and off somehow. Massive action is a hard way to live. Yes, it very well may result in a degree of success but what are all the world’s most precious jewels without inner peace and satisfaction? The ego will argue that material success and happiness are perhaps just not possible. I would beg to differ.

You do not need to choose between happiness and material success. You can have both. There is nothing you can not do, be and have if only you’re courageous and curious enough to follow the path of inspired action.

Inspired action is putting awareness before action in such a way that one is in tune with one’s authenticity. What does that mean? Good question! It means putting a pause on pushing yourself to meet imposed expectations, obligations and to-do’s. Rather, ahead of any meaningful endeavor stop and first ask:

:: What would I like right now?
:: What would feel good to me?
:: What would be fun to do?
:: What has heartfelt meaning and purpose for me that I’d like to begin?
:: What outcome do I most desire?

Increased self-understanding and therefore self-regard is an added benefit as one grows the willingness to pause at the beginning of any valued endeavor and consider what is their own unique success formula. We’re choosing to prioritize self-awareness over action, for action without self-awareness feels like chaos, incompletion and dissatisfaction. Action informed by compassion and self-understanding feels like hitting the bullseye in life.

Today, I search my heart rather than the internet for inspiration and creative ideas.
I feel the wind at my back as if soaring with the most beautiful of gold and white wings.
I adore the sense of satisfaction I have with all I am creating and being and living.
I love my feeling of becoming.

As you might suspect, there are more tools and tips and techniques, so to speak, in regards to honing in on and crafting your own unique and satisfying success formula. Too much for one post. And yet, the career success you desire and yearn for does not need to be hard work or take a long time. With just a few finesses, reframes and a little practice, you too can enjoy the wind at your back and the feeling of security that comes with knowing that you are the deliberate creator of your very satisfying reality!


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