You Should Change (+ the new metrics of success)


2012 has imprinted one significant lesson on me:

Adapt and adjust quickly.

The rapid rate of change in our economy has made chaos a defining
construct of business + life.

Embracing adaptability and the openness to learning from anywhere
are proving to be two key ingredients to thriving best in this environment.

Regardless if you are mom, soloprenuer or big wig at a Fortune 500 company
the new metrics of success have become our individual ability to
be nimble and unfearful of change.

We can’t prevent the chaos of change only decide how we are
to respond to it.

Collectively we have transitioned into an era
that relentlessly denies the status quo. The dizzying
rapidity at which change strikes us today is inescapable.

It’s perplexing at best + jarring at worst.
So how exactly do you prosper or – at the very least – make the best of it?

You go with it.

Accepting, and yes, even indulging in adversity is
the approach required by our chaotic economy + lives.

Reconfigure your DNA so that waiting is honored but innovation
is encouraged.  “If something works we double down on it.  If it doesn’t
we discard it and move on.”   Brad Smith~ CEO of Intuit

Fear of change has no purpose in the current market.
Institutionalizing flexibility and embracing inconsistency will keep
you on your own leading edge + your business ahead of the curve.

“What really sets superstars apart from everyone else is the ability to escape
dead ends quickly, while staying focused and motivated when it really counts.”
Seth Godin

Inconsistency is the new constant.
There is no running from it, nor should we want too.

Decide to be undeterred by it.
Instead, encourage curiosity.

Mostly, understand that no matter what curve balls are thrown your way
you are ready for it + flexibility is your greatest



Happy New Year!

Go make something amazing happen.

Photo by Pavel Nekoranec on Unsplash


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