Style Savvy + Tsunamis of Hope (oh, my!)

style savvy tsunami of hope

The human spirit hungers for beauty.
We pine for it. We seek it in the fleeting moment + the more grandiose folds of time.

Our desire to be enveloped in the beautiful
often sends us on a journey.

We seek it everywhere – in music, the written word, furniture, art, clothing, love, and most significantly – in ourselves.

Beauty illuminates us.
It charges us with excitement, awe, and appreciation.

But who hasn’t been influenced by the anxiety that accompanies idealist perfection? Who hasn’t searched for ‘more’ + experienced the lack of appreciation for what is? We’re all lured by opportunities to be an inauthentic version of ourselves.

If only we had her home, body, hair, skin, smile, radiance
– then life would be good.

But no, dear heart.
Life will be good when you glimpse behind the shutter of
perfection+ come to recognize the true form of things.
The true form of beauty. Your beauty.

Appreciate the curlicue black spirals of hair, the deep blue eyes, voluptuous thighs, athletic arms, cocoa-colored skin, white-blond hair, vivacious laugh, ample tush, delicious dimples + steady voice.

This is home.
dress it up in admiration and respect.

Authentic beauty is the priestess of individuation.
It affects the holder and the beholder every time.

Your style statement, therefore, is an opportunity to celebrate your personal beauty.
It defines your genuine self.
It’s where your essential essence meets full-on creative expression.
It’s an outside reflection of an internal soulfulness.
It’s a compass to living a life that is true for you in every way.

Working from the outside in can be transformative.
Your inner landscape can be greatly altered by beautiful surface changes. So yes, a new hairstyle or pair of jeans that celebrate your curves just-right can change your life!

This is an vibrant invitation to embrace your quirky, idiosyncratic features.
Celebrate them through the theater of dress up + style and
know that beauty has the capability to heal the world
+ awaken within tsunamis of hope that would restore us.


Need a little more hands on help embracing + bringing to life your personal style statement? If so, I’ve got the woman for you! Nicole Longstreath, stylist and fellow soul sister, has spent over 3 years doing what she calls “strategic wardrobe building” with bright, effervescent spirits like you.

She recently launched “The Wardrobe Bible,” –your perennial catalog for what to buy and how to wear it. Imagine the frustration of “nothing to wear” a thing of the past!  (Yes, please!)

The Wardrobe Bible will teach you to look past the noise and search for variations and variety. It’s in those details where we find the unique flavor that helps us develop a unique, signature image.

Want your own Wardrobe Bible?  Of course you do!
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Thanks ladies! And be sure to let Nicole + I know how you enjoy it. When she’s not sipping lattes and pursuing fall’s latest fashions you can find her on Facebook , Twitter and my personal new favorite: Pinterest!

Loving you and your juicy curves! xo

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash